CeAnn decided to follow her dream and open a home décor shop that reflects her belief that everyone should live a gracious life and enjoy home.

            CeAnn grew up in Massachusetts surrounded by the love and talent of her creative parents. Her father was a jewelry designer and manufacturer. Her mother had a passion for antiques and collectibles.

             By trade CeAnn is an attorney who practiced law focusing on advocating for the rights of children with special needs. Most of her work was pro bono while she ultimately raised her family. Ultimately, she always turned to her creative roots during her free time. Decorating family homes was a passion of hers.

            When her youngest child was heading to college, CeAnn decided it was time to pursue her true passion for collecting beautiful items. In the Fall of 2014, CeAnn opened her first shop in Beverly Farms, MA. That was the genesis for CeAnn’s Vieux.  In 2015, CeAann and her husband, James, bought a small home in Palm Beach and opened shop on Seaview Avenue.

            Her love for collecting goes deeper than the items she brings to the shops. CeAnn enjoys traveling and bringing whatever catches her eye to her shops so they can find a special place in her client’s homes. CeAnn has the creative confidence to select items based on her instinct alone. She is frequently traveling, always seeking new items to bring to the Vieux.

             CeAnn invites you to visit her shop and experience the ambiance of her elegant, whimsical world.